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What is Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching simply means that I help people examine all areas of their lives to address any area that may be affecting their health. For example, a person may come to me concerned about their weight. A lot of health coaches might just start right away, working in the areas of diet and exercise, and these may indeed be areas which need addressing. However, without taking the time to assess a person as a whole, integrated being, the coach and the client will never know for sure if this is the right starting point, or if another focus would be more productive.

I believe that the client’s weight concern should be held in deep contemplation as we examine all the areas of that person’s life to discover what else may be influencing their ability to maintain a healthy weight. The list of possible reasons a person is unable to maintain a healthy weight is almost endless and no one should assume that all people concerned with weight automatically need coaching on diet and exercise. The same holds true for any health concern one can think of. If time isn’t taken to address the whole person, we can never be sure we are addressing the right issues.

Without examining the whole person, even if the right area of focus is chosen, the correct course of action is difficult to determine without taking into account the entirety of the person!

How I Work

This is how my belief in helping you discover your power for change is better. I form partnerships with people to examine their life in an integrative manner to more fully elucidate the proper course of action that will have the best chance of success. By making sure you are treated as a whole person, time and effort is saved and progress is steady and sustainable. When actions are selected as part of integrating the whole person, the actions are easier to carry out because they are in line with the person’s vision and values.

Change is not only easier with an integrative approach, it is supported by all other aspects of the person trying to change. Without marshaling the strengths of the person, your power, change is difficult and transient. By tapping into your power, change becomes easier and more sustainable. Pretty simple really.


your integrated health

As a Duke trained Integrative Health Coach and a Registered Pharmacist, I will help you achieve your ultimate health goals by creating the supportive space needed to explore all aspects of your life and discover how they affect your health. Working together we will devise your individual plan to optimize your well-being and start the progression to your integrated health.

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why health coaching?

Integrative Health Coaches help people clarify what they want in a structured, supportive partnership between the client and the coach. Coaches help clients define and build a safe environment to perform the work necessary for sustainable change while inspiring change by connecting clients with the ways in which their health supports their vision of ultimate health.

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