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Hello, my name is Robert Ferrari and I am a Registered Pharmacist, a Certified Integrative Health Coach and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

I received my pharmacy training at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, Ma., and my Integrative Health Coach training at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham NC. I have been practicing pharmacy in both hospital and community settings for over 25 years. During that time I have watched as people take more and more prescription medications and generally grow less and less healthy.

I believe there is a better way.

Achieve Your Health Goal

We all know things in our lives that we should change. Often your doctor will mention lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, or that you are pre-diabetic. How many times have you told yourself that you were going to start exercising? How many hopes and dreams have you put aside, knowing that some day you should address them? We all have at least some idea of what to do, but no one in the traditional healthcare setting helps us achieve our goals. We are told to lose weight, or stop smoking, and sent on our way to figure out how to accomplish these things by ourselves.

The current health care system is great at telling us what is wrong, and what numbers to aim for to fix what is wrong (the find it and fix it model). It is terrible however at helping us fix problems without the overuse of expensive and potentially dangerous prescription medications or surgeries, or preventing problems in the first place.

Another failure of this model is that it doesn’t even acknowledge the power that resides within each individual to change their own health in significant and meaningful ways.

I believe this is the most significant shortfall of the current health care system, and the missing component needed for people to achieve their ultimate health.

How I Work

This is where I, as a health coach come in. I help people listen to the whisperings of their bodies, asking politely for slight change, before their bodies scream for radical change, requiring drastic measures such as drugs or surgeries. As a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach, I help clients achieve goals which are consistent with their vision of their ultimate health and their values as humans. I work closely with clients to integrate all aspects of the person. Together we focus on such areas as movement and exercise, spirituality, mind-body connection, nutrition, personal and professional development, relationships, and professional care to name a few. People find working on goals in this integrative, holistic manner fun and energizing, not tiresome or tedious.

I work with people in an ongoing manner, instead of once or twice a year, to support them as they make lasting changes to achieve their goals. Working together as a team, people have historically achieved great things. I know, working together, we can define your health vision, work within your values, and achieve your integrated health.


my integrative approach

As a Duke trained Integrative Health Coach and a Registered Pharmacist, I will help you achieve your ultimate health goals by creating the supportive space needed to explore all aspects of your life and discover how they affect your health. Working together we will devise your individual plan to optimize your well-being and start the progression to your integrated health.

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why health coaching

Integrative Health Coaches help people clarify what they want in a structured, supportive partnership between the client and the coach. Coaches help clients define and build a safe environment to perform the work necessary for sustainable change while inspiring change by connecting clients with the ways in which their health supports their vision of ultimate health.

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