Executive Coaching


Robert has over 30 years experience in the corporate healthcare sector. His coach training and depth of experience have prepared him to understand and work effectively with clients to achieve their most important goals and maintain deep and lasting results whether those goals are health or business related.  Actually, often the two are so interrelated as to be inseparable.


Robert trained with Duke Integrative Medicine and follows the Duke Integrative Medicine model of health coaching which evokes and supports the power of the individual to transform their own lives. In his work with individuals and organizations, Robert incorporates his training and experience in Motivational Interviewing, Integrative Health Coaching, and the Immunity-To-Change mapping process to uncover hidden obstacles for a powerful and energized beginning and follow through to the change process. 

Immunity-To-Change (ITC) is the model Robert discovered that helps people equally well in all settings: Individual, group, business, corporate, and health.  To learn the application of the model most fully and be able to help people using this model, Robert trained with ITC developers Robert Kegan, Ph.D., and Lisa Lahey, Ed.D as a facilitator to deliver the ITC workshop to individuals and groups of any size.  The model brings to light powerful resistance mechanisms (hidden commitments) which exist within each of us undermining our efforts to adapt to new conditions and accomplish our goals. This is natural. Everybody harbors these hidden commitments. We can’t avoid them but we can identify them, and embrace change to move forward once they are identified. Immunity-to-Change is a methodology designed to identify these hidden mechanisms, address the challenges associated with them, and help participants formulate reasonable tests to to begin to overcome these challenges.


Robert believes that people can't truly be healthy until their workplace is a safe and supportive space which fosters growth for the organization and development and growth of all aspects in the lives of the employees.  Similarly, an organization will never reach its full potential until all employees feel they are working for such an organization. The connected nature of health and work lead Robert to develop skills specifically for use with individuals and organizations whose evolutionary path has brought them to a similar place of understanding.

Whether coaching for health or personal/professional development Robert has found that an integrative approach is needed for a client to find true balance and lasting results.