How Well Are You Sleeping?

Worried about what chronic use of sleeping pills is doing to your health and BRAIN? Take control of your sleep! Not only should sleep be natural, but unnatural, drug induced sleep is UNHEALTHY!

Chronic users of sleeping pills increase their chance of DYING by 30%!!

The National Institutes of Health states:

* 75% of insomnia patients experience significantly improved sleep with CBT-I

* The majority become normal sleepers.

*   85- 90% reduce or eliminate sleeping pills.

*   CBT-I is more effective than sleeping pills.

Robert will take the time to understand the source of your insomnia and help you work toward totally natural sleep, without sleep medications, the way nature intended.

Using the tools of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy specifically developed for insomnia, with feedback from a trained provider experienced and credentialed in the necessary modalities used, most people can stop using sleep medications within 8 weeks and enjoy NATURAL SLEEP for the rest of their lives.


your integrated health

As a Duke trained Integrative Health Coach and a Registered Pharmacist, I will help you achieve your ultimate health goals by creating the supportive space needed to explore all aspects of your life and discover how they affect your health. Working together we will devise your individual plan to optimize your well-being and start the progression to your integrated health.

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why health coaching

Integrative Health Coaches help people clarify what they want in a structured, supportive partnership between the client and the coach. Coaches help clients define and build a safe environment to perform the work necessary for sustainable change while inspiring change by connecting clients with the ways in which their health supports their vision of ultimate health.

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