Prevent & Reverse Early Stage Alzheimer's

What lead you to this page?  Are you or a loved one experiencing memory problems?  Have you witnessed a friend or a loved one succumb to the relentless progression of Cognitive Decline leading to Alzheimer's and ultimately death?

Would you rather get a diagnosis of cancer than Alzheimer's? You are not alone. Eighty percent of people, when given a choice between having Alzheimer's disease or cancer would choose cancer! Why? One reason is because, until recently, there was nothing anyone could do to alter the course of the disease.  Tens of billions of dollars have been spent, over the course of thirty years, and the best the medical community could offer anyone with an Alzheimer's diagnosis was a few extra months to “get their affairs in order.”

The Cost of Ineffective Treatment

People faced with an ever narrowing list of choices often progress to “specialized Alzheimer's care”. My loved one did. This “specialized care” did nothing to slow or stop her progression, just like it does nothing to help anyone who receives such care.  And I can personally vouch that her “specialized care” eventually escalated to costing more than $11,000 a month!

Everyone knows a cancer survivor, but nobody knows anyone who has survived Alzheimer's disease… yet! After experiencing a family member fight and ultimately lose the battle with Alzheimer's, I know I would do anything within my power to help them avoid such a fate.

The recent developments in Alzheimer's research have finally produced a protocol that puts the power to avoid Alzheimer's disease within reach.  

The ReCODE Protocol

I urge you to investigate this ReCODE protocol. It is the only protocol currently available that has been shown to prevent and reverse Cognitive Decline.  This is not junk science.  This protocol has now been scrutinized in several peer reviewed medical journals and the results have been verified.

Here's the bad news.To effectively integrate ReCODE into your life and take control of your cognitive future 36 to 100 variables will have to be managed simultaneously.  Some people will be able to manage this with the help of their primary care physician alone. Many will not.

For those who need help implementing the protocol into their lives, the team that developed ReCODE suggests you hire a Health Coach. I respectfully suggest hiring an Integrative Health Coach.  The difference between the two can be found on the other pages of Your Integrated Health.  

Timing is Important

Please, don't delay.  The sooner you start to address the variables affecting your cognitive health, the more effective ReCODE can be.  Please feel free to arrange a free consultation to evaluate your particular situation and get started today.